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What’s privilege? What’s race? What’s ethnicity? What’s white supremacy? Can racism be reduced to simply the bad things some people think and do?

Lesson Plans


Protected: Revise Race LP

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Students were Censored for Black Lives Matter posters!

This Black Lives Matters (BLM) lesson plan is designed to provide students an understanding of the history of the BLM...

Reflective Posts


Reflection 3: Politics and the English Language

The reading I chose was an essay written in 1946 by George Orwell, the novelist who wrote Animal Farm and...

Understanding My Privilege

While I have privileged immensely from my identities as a white, cis-gender, hetero-presenting woman, I think the greatest factor in...

My privilege

[About the photo: I know this could be controversial that I received so many facial masks at the beginning of...

The lie and privilege of “independence”

One of my very first uttered sentences and certainly a favorite was, “I do it!” When I was younger, I...

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Classroom Materials


Race Adaptation: What is blackfishing?

I have adapted two pages from the general English textbook Touchstone 2.

The Making of ‘Made-in-China Feminism’

This article examines feminism in contemporary China (C-Fem), how it developed, and especially how it is impacted by the social-political...

Racial and Ethnic Diversity in the Arab World

This project is an adaptation of two activities from book one of the widely used Al-Kitaab Arabic textbook series. While...

Race adaptation: Apartheid and Nelson Mandela

This is my textbook adaptation project about race: Apartheid and Nelson Mandela. race material adaptation Attached below is the actual...

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Multimedia Resources


Citizen 13660: Japanese Americans in “Protective Custody” during WW2

The book, Citizen 13660, is a graphic memorial by Mine Okubo about her experience of being forced into “protective custody” after...

Looking from the “Right” Side

These photos in the theme pictures are also used in my first reflection. I took the above photos at Abraham...

Using Songs to Teach Social Justice

Songs can be used as supplementary materials when talking about social justice, and may sometimes have a stronger impact than...

Fifty Shades of White

This is a painting on display in Duke University Museum. I attended a lecture by Professor Yan Liu about applying art...

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Current Events


A Trauma-Informed Approach to Teaching the Colonization of the Americas

I really enjoy the articles I read from Edutopia. This one from Susan Methot addresses an issue we talked about...

Focus on Health Equity

This article discusses the inequalities in health services since the rise of COVID-19. The pandemic has brought disparities and issues to...

Teaching Math Through A Social Justice Lens

I know we aren’t math teachers here but I thought this was a really cool article about how to incorporate...

Inclusive Dress Policy

Last year, Seattle Public Schools updated their dress code policy citing “students should be able to dress and style their...

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