LGBTQ Issues



What is queer theory? What does queering language classrooms mean?

Lesson Plans

LGBTQ issues

LGBTQ+ bullying Lesson Plan

This is my revised lesson plan about LGBTQ+ bullying issues in Japan. LGBTQ+ lesson plan Below is the PDF file...

Reflective Posts

LGBTQ issues

Reflection #3: Some LGBTQ issues in China

I lived in Beijing for a couple years and I can’t speak to reflect the consensus of opinions towards LGBTQ...

Reflection 3: My religion says I can’t be gay.

I wanted to complete this reflection by looking at Colombia, a Spanish-speaking country in South America. I lived there for...

LGBTQ Reflection

The context that I will discuss is my hometown. I’m from a mid-sized suburban town located in California’s Central Valley,...

Protected: Reflection #3

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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Classroom Materials

LGBTQ issues

Queers in the Workplace: Materials Development

Hello everyone! Please take a look at the following materials adaptation. I worked with National Geographic Learning’s World English Series...

Multimedia Resources

LGBTQ issues

Transgender and Gender-Nonbinary Students’ Message to Professors

This 12 minute video resource is directed towards educating teachers, rather than a resource for teaching purposes.  ‘#Ask Me’: What...

This is what LGBTQ life is like around the globe

This is actually a very heartwarming TED talk – a lesbian couple’s journey around the world interviewing LGBTQ members and...

Bad Education: An Almodovar LGBTQ Masterpiece

I watched the film “La Mala Educación” [Bad Education] in 2013 in a Spanish Film course I had during my...

Asian and Gay, no really, it’s a thing

When I was coming to terms with my own sexuality and what was “normal” and what wasn’t, I entered this...

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Current Events

LGBTQ Issues

Christian not sacked by UK school for LGBTQ+ ‘beliefs’, tribunal hears

In this article, a teacher is dismissed from her position because of her beliefs surrounding LGBTQ+ people.

JK Rowling’s newest book perpetuates transphobia

J.K. Rowling’s newest book Troubled Blood, released under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith, has come under fire from transpeople’s rights activists for...

Toward a Queer Disney Canon

This article from Vox (rated a Left Biased media source as per talks about how despite an absence of...

Texas Teacher put on leave after having BLM and LGBTQ+ signs in her virtual classroom

This is a great teacher! I am so impressed how she is handling the situation and using it as a...

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