Immigration and Peacebuilding

immigration and


What’s peacebuilding? What does PARSNIP stand for? How can language teaching become a peacebuilding endeavour?

Lesson Plans

Immigration and Peacebuilding

Revised Peacebuilding LP

After receiving the feedback from the workshop, the revised peacebuilding LP is below.  The main revisions can be found underlined...

Peacebuilding LP

Hello, everyone! Here is a link to view the lesson plan.  I believe I am going to integrate this LP into...

Reflective Posts

Immigration and Peacebuilding

Reflection 3: Politics and the English Language

The reading I chose was an essay written in 1946 by George Orwell, the novelist who wrote Animal Farm and...

Protected: Being Different Isn’t a Curse, It’s A Blessing

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Protected: Understanding my privilege

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Acknowledging my Privilege

This little girl was lucky enough to be adopted on the day of her birth on August 28th, 1993. The...

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Classroom Materials

Immigration and Peacebuilding

What is a Real Chinese World for American-born Chinese?

Hello all, This is the link to my materials adaptation. There is another document linked in the Google doc, please...

Materials Evaluation & Adaptation: Immigration and Indigenous Peoples

Hi everyone, Here is my final Materials Evaluation & Adaptation project. . Please feel free to use this in your...

Multimedia Resources

Immigration and Peacebuilding

If the World Were 100 People

Here is a good video that breaks down the world if it were only 100 people in terms of gender...

Building Peace Together

The Quaker Council for European Affairs is dedicated to improving European institutions through the Quaker commitments of peace, justice, and...

Climate Migrants or Refugees?

After watching the video and reading the article on terminology for class today, I wanted to learn more about how...

COVID-19’s Harvest of Danger

This is a good follow up read to our discussion last week on migrant education. There’s a link to a...

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Current Events

Immigration and Peacebuilding

Covid and California’s farmworkers

I think we have already read and heard different (but similar) versions of this story discussed here on  farmworkers’ being...

Reinstatement of DACA

Some good news! A judge for the U.S. District Court in Brooklyn has ordered that DACA be restored to how...

Hong Kong’s new rules have parents leaving Hong Kong

This CNN article details how some parents are planning to emigrate from Hong Kong because of new legislation stating pro-democracy...

White Immigrants Weren’t Always Considered White – and Acceptable

This article by Brando Simeo Starkey gives us a brief overview of how European immigrants to the US in the...

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