Gender Equality



What is gender bias? What is gender socialization? How can language teachers promote gender equality in language classes?

Lesson Plans

Gender Equality

Stereotypes in Daily Lives_Gender Lesson Plan Revised

Hi Everyone, Here is my revised lesson plan on gender. Please choose to “open with a Google Docs” to edit...

Telling Herstory: A Lesson Plan

Hi everyone! Please click the link below to view my lesson plan on gender. Lesson Plan_HerStory Then the following link...

Reflective Posts

Gender Equality

Short Book Reflection: We Should All Be Feminists

I read We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. In this short essay, Adichie eloquently illuminates how gender...

Short book reflection: Disability and world language learning

The book that I read was “Disability and world language learning: Inclusive teaching for diverse learners” by Sally S. Scott...

Reflection: Pythagoras’ Trousers: God, Physics, and the Gender Wars, by Margaret Wertheim

Wertheim, M. (1995). Pythagoras’ trousers: God, physics, and the gender wars. London, UK: W.W. Norton & Company Pythagoras’ Trousers: God, Physics, and the Gender Wars, by Margaret Wertheim, outlines the history of women in physics, showing how its origins in and long relationship with religion in the Western World have intentionally and unintentionally kept women …

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Men Explain Things to Me: Rebecca Solnit

Overview My journey with Rebecca Solnit’s book Men Explain Things to Me started a couple of weeks ago, and I had...

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Classroom Materials

Gender Equality

The Making of ‘Made-in-China Feminism’

This article examines feminism in contemporary China (C-Fem), how it developed, and especially how it is impacted by the social-political...

Addressing Gender and Diversity in Textbooks

I looked at the English language textbook Keynote Intermediate through a social justice lens for gender and diversity. The textbook...

Current Events

Gender Equality

Silence! The Xianzi Versus Zhu Jun Court Case Has Begun

Xianzi (弦子) is a nickname for Zhou Xiaoxuan, a 27-year-old scriptwriter from Beijing who published a personal essay on social...

Inclusive Dress Policy

Last year, Seattle Public Schools updated their dress code policy citing “students should be able to dress and style their...

Germany to enforce ‘historic’ compulsory boardroom quota for women

Germany to enforce ‘historic’ compulsory boardroom quota for women This is a fairly short article about a new quota for...

Divorce Turkish Style

Here’s an interesting piece on women’s rights and divorce in Turkey.

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Multimedia Resources

Gender Equality

Women’s Issues are Men’s Issues

This is a pretty popular video where Jackson Katz outlines why we need to rethink how we associate gender issues...

How Policewomen Make Communities Safer

It’s a pretty short video, which could be great for a language classroom depending on students’ level. Ivonne Roman, a...

The Fire on the 57 Bus in Oakland

This is an old story, took place in 2013, in Oakland, when an agender 18 year old’s skirt was set...

WNBA superstar Sue Bird: ‘Women’s soccer players generally are cute little White girls’

In this interview (~ 4:30) with Sue Bird, who recently won her fourth Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA) championship to...

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