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What is social class? What are class markers? Why is class erased from applied linguistics research? What does commodification of language refer to? Is English commodified?

Lesson Plans

social class

Social Class LP: Voting Process

Here is Oliver Block’s Social Class LP. OliverBLOCK_Social Class LP (FINAL).11.16.20

Reflective Posts

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Reflection #3 The Communist Manifesto

Summary: The book I selected is The Communist Manifesto. This book discussed the ideology of socialism and was first published...

Protected: Reflection #3: Socialism… seriously

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Reflection #3: A Modest Proposal

Jonathan Swift’s A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People from Being a Burden to their Parents, or...

Reflection 3: Politics and the English Language

The reading I chose was an essay written in 1946 by George Orwell, the novelist who wrote Animal Farm and...

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Classroom Materials

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Keyue-Social Class-Material Adaption

Dear All,   This is the link to my Material Adaption. Here is the link to the Material (Lesson Video) that...

Multimedia Resources

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Looking from the “Right” Side

These photos in the theme pictures are also used in my first reflection. I took the above photos at Abraham...

Teaching Students about Food Deserts

Food security is a huge social class issue as well as an environmental justice issue. In the past, I’ve done...

Talks by Giroux on Neoliberalism and Education

Henry Giroux is one of the theorists of critical pedagogy and a cultural critic. I like both of his talks...

Social Class/ Inequality

This podcast (~19 min) sounds like it was a school project (high school or university) for two female students to...

Current Events

social class

Hong Kong’s new rules have parents leaving Hong Kong

This CNN article details how some parents are planning to emigrate from Hong Kong because of new legislation stating pro-democracy...

Can edtech partnerships bring lifelong learning to all?

This article presents information on how the pandemic is shaping employers’ investment in their staff and ways of edtech companies...

Migrant farmworkers’ risk of traveling under COVID-19

Two pieces of news that you may be of your interest. Last week, the owner of a Chinese restaurant downtown...

Entrenched and unbroken correlation between social class and educational success

In this article, a discussion on bettering education for young people in Northern England described the problem at hand, the...

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