Migrant farmworkers’ risk of traveling under COVID-19

Two pieces of news that you may be of your interest.

Last week, the owner of a Chinese restaurant downtown told me many farmworkers in Salinas will migrate to Arizona so the COVID cases may reduce in the next two weeks, so she hopes to reopen her restaurant. We may underestimate the danger and risk of traveling for these migrant workers and their families under the pandemic.

Today, just found these two pieces of news:

Migrant workers migrate from California to Arizona (2018) I didn’t find any news that says they are traveling this year, but the restaurant owner told me they are traveling.

New study shows California farm workers under increased coronavirus pressure(7/29/2020)




Xinxin Liu

One Response to “Migrant farmworkers’ risk of traveling under COVID-19

  • Maya Sykes
    4 weeks ago

    Hi Xinxin, thank you for sharing these news articles. Also, do you know how or why the downtown restaurant owner (I’m assuming in Monterey) related migrant farmers going to Arizona and them reopening their restaurant?

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