There’s no such thing as the “model minority”

Divide and conquer has long been a strategy of the dominant culture to hold down the disenfranchised. This strategy is at the heart of the “model minority” fallacy.


2 Responses to “There’s no such thing as the “model minority”

  • Jacob Adams
    10 months ago

    I appreciate you posting this—the “model minority” myth bugs me quite a bit.

    The article mentioned how Bhutanese-Americans have very high rates of poverty. I read a book about California’s Hmong population a while ago and I remember reading that they had similar issues. There were even some Hmong people who fought on the American side in the Vietnam War, came to the US after being told they would receive government benefits, and then were denied benefits, which is pretty messed up.

    • It’s all so WRONG. A while back the US was trying to strip VN refugees of their citizen status if they committed crimes. Like yeah, they shouldn’t be committing crimes … but do we ship off US born citizens for committing crimes? No.

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