Looking from the “Right” Side

These photos in the theme pictures are also used in my first reflection.

I took the above photos at Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois. The left picture came into my eyes when I entered the exhibition room introducing Mary Lincoln. At first sight, she is a hospitable wealthy hostess welcoming her guests with all her fancy dresses. However, when I walked to the right side of the exhibition hall, I saw the maid, or slave serving her, who was totally invisible from “the right side”. I choose this picture because it reminds me to look at things from different angles and that many privileges can stay invisible if we do not switch perspectives.

These two pictures can be shown to the students like how the football was used in our last DSR reading. The students can also be separated into two groups and make a story out of the picture assigned to them separately. Then the class can compare how the stories are different from each other and then lead to further discussions about race or social class.

keyue Song

One Response to “Looking from the “Right” Side

  • Xinxin Liu
    5 months ago

    Love it, Keyue. I am wondering if the museum designed this on purpose. I will think about using it in my future teaching!

    Thank you for sharing!

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