Citizen 13660: Japanese Americans in “Protective Custody” during WW2

The book, Citizen 13660, is a graphic memorial by Mine Okubo about her experience of being forced into “protective custody” after Pearl Harbor. The book is thin, with comics, and is not hard to read. It can be used in some intermediate-mid level classes, and the pictures can also be extracted to be used as prompt materials in language classes to let students form their own stories according to the pictures and then teach them about the actual historical backgrounds.

Here is another article introducing the book.

keyue Song

2 Responses to “Citizen 13660: Japanese Americans in “Protective Custody” during WW2

  • Rebecca Jot
    4 months ago

    I like how this can be used for such a low level.
    Another book that is often assigned to public school kids in California is Farewell to Manzanar.
    I think it’s probably about an ACTFL Advanced low because it’s assigned in the 5th grade.
    I think there’s a movie version of it as well.

  • Miranda Doremus- Reznor
    4 months ago

    Great resources! Thank you Keyue and Rebecca. I haven’t heard of either of these books, so I’m excited to check them out. I think CITIZEN 13660 especially caught my eye, because I was just checking out a resource that Mia posted by the NEA for Ed Justice. The article talks about the expected rise in hate crimes against Asian Americans because of COVID. (
    Used in tandem, I think they would go very well in a unit together.

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