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This assignment is designed to have you read about the important issues in our world today. For this assignment, please post an article from a newspaper, magazine, or credible online news source.

Current Events

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Divorce Turkish Style

Here’s an interesting piece on women’s rights and divorce in Turkey.

Nike’s diversity advert causing a backlash in Japan

Nike has recently released a commercial in Japan about three foreign girls being isolated and bullied at school, but gained...

The Fire on the 57 Bus in Oakland

This is an old story, took place in 2013, in Oakland, when an agender 18 year old’s skirt was set...

Hong Kong’s new rules have parents leaving Hong Kong

This CNN article details how some parents are planning to emigrate from Hong Kong because of new legislation stating pro-democracy...

White Immigrants Weren’t Always Considered White – and Acceptable

This article by Brando Simeo Starkey gives us a brief overview of how European immigrants to the US in the...

COVID-19’s Harvest of Danger

This is a good follow up read to our discussion last week on migrant education. There’s a link to a...

Gender, Race, & Voting

The photo above was taken from this NY Times page that shows the 2020 exit polls. While I know the...

Judge: DHS head didn’t have authority to suspend DACA

This news piece by Associated Press reports that the memorandum issued by the acting Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary,...

Working for Racial Justice as a White Teacher

Here’s yet another interesting piece about teaching high-school history for racial justice.

“Just dial 988” – Suicide Prevention Hotline Number gets passed

This is slightly old news, but this short blog/news post talks about how The National Suicide Hotline Designation Act which...

Transgender in Bangladesh: First school opens for trans students

This is super exciting! Bangladesh’s first religious school for transgender people has opened in Dhaka.

How to Teach American History in a Divided Country

I enjoyed reading this history teacher’s perspectives on teaching history for the past 26 years. You will see how the...

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