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I found this resource a while back that has many resources that target different populations and social justice issues. One that I was looking at is What Our Students Need Now: Virtual School Culture That is Healthy, Just and Strong, which has some great advice for conducting online classes in inclusive manners. I think this would be a great tool to refer back to when interacting with students and also for advocating for them.

Mia Dunfey

2 Responses to “NEA edjustice

  • Miranda Doremus- Reznor
    4 months ago

    What a great resource Mia! I was checking out one called Standing Up to Hate and Bias. I like how the articles provide practical resources for action, but the text itself could also be used in a classroom to start discussions. The website has a great array of topics which is cool too.

  • Joshua Nesmith
    4 months ago

    I really like this article and resource. It is clear and concise and as many educators are transitioning to virtual educational environments, it is important to be aware on creating an inclusive virtual environment for all. I also appreciate the Issues and Actions and Resources Tab related to the website. I think many teachers can find useful resources to integrate into their lesson but also how to tackle and combat social justice issues that may arise within the class.

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