The Trevor Project: Helping prevent LGBTQ+ suicide

This organization provides a great deal of information and recourses to help educators and administrators prevent youth suicide which disproportionately affects LGBTQ+ youth. It’s geared toward middle and high school range, but I think it could be adapted and used in other contexts.

Miranda Doremus- Reznor

One Response to “The Trevor Project: Helping prevent LGBTQ+ suicide

  • Joshua Nesmith
    3 weeks ago

    I am very glad to see that you posted about this organization. This is a prominent organization advocating resources, support, suicide prevention and more for LGBTQ+ youth. I have worked with this organization in the past and I believe more high school and middle school educators should be aware of this resource or similar ones to provide to students who could be struggling or facing challenges. I also believe many students are unaware that support organizations like this exist. Financial support is also always needed for organizations like this in order to survive. Financial and other donations can usually be declared as tax deductions as well.

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