Walter Masterson They/them pronouns


They / Them Pronouns based on @kei.honey #pronouns #theythem #theythempronouns #foryoupage

♬ original sound – Walter Masterson

Rebecca Jot

5 Responses to “Walter Masterson They/them pronouns

  • Oliver Block
    7 months ago

    Rebecca, the humor is subtle but its there! I am all for the use of they/them pronouns to cover the hole in English which is a lack of a singular non-gender specific pronoun. It is tiresome to always write he/she. This is much needed and I am glad that the APA now authorizes their use as well.

  • Deniz Ortactepe
    7 months ago

    I like this one too. I think it is a very simple but good practice for language teaching purposes as well.

  • Rebecca Jot
    7 months ago

    I agree, Oliver. I much prefer ‘they’ to ‘s/he’ .

  • Rebecca Jot
    7 months ago

    Deniz, I think this clip would work very easily with all levels of ESL. It makes me want to explore Tik Tok for more input!

  • Xinxin Liu
    5 months ago

    Hi Rebecca, what a great source to use in the classroom. The language is not complicated and it addressed social justice issues.
    My only concern is that I am not sure if it is suitable for novice students who are still struggling with the pronuon-verb agreement.

    But these days, I found TikTok is a great tool to use in the classroom and people there are really creative and students like it! Authentic materials.

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