Migrant Policy Institute

Here is the link to this institute.

Categorized sources about (im)migrants in the US. For example, I read a source about China’s immigrants in the US. This piece includes a brief history, distribution, and other detailed information of this group:

Distribution by State and Key Cities
English Proficiency
Age, Education, and Employment
Income and Poverty
Immigration Pathways and Naturalization
Health Coverage

Interesting courses:

A podcast about how pandemic reshapes people’s moving. (link)

College-Educated Immigrants in the United States


Xinxin Liu

One Response to “Migrant Policy Institute

  • Oliver Block
    3 weeks ago

    Thanks Xinxin for this resource which is a treasure trove of information. President-elect Biden has a significantly different view on immigration which hopefully will be reflected in his policies. I read a paper on his first 100 days, a traditional time-period to demonstrate the new president’s priorities, and it includes overturning dehumanizing Trump policies such as family separation, the travel ban for Muslims from specific countries, and the freezing of DACA to name but a few. However, without a Democratic Party majority in the senate, any and all of his actions would be temporary versus long-term in the form of new laws. Changes back to the status quo are better than the alternative but they might come as pyrrhic victories if he wants to effect change in other areas a sell. Other challenges not related to immigration include COVID-19 issues, the Paris Climate Agreement, re-engagement with international organizations such as NATO and the UN, and the Iran Nuclear Deal. All of these would be better with the Senate’s support which would probably only come after significant compromise.

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