If the World Were 100 People

Here is a good video that breaks down the world if it were only 100 people in terms of gender (although it is binary and doesn’t include LGBTQ+ statistics), language, religion, age, region of origin, but also access to clean water, medical care, internet, education and so on. I think this is a good way to open a discussion on social justice just in general but also perhaps a way to include peace building into the classroom.

The video is a bit dated in terms of statistics, so here is an updated resource from the University of Southern Maine.

Miranda Doremus- Reznor

2 Responses to “If the World Were 100 People

  • Maya Sykes
    5 months ago

    Miranda, this is an interesting and helpful resource. I like how the age differences, ethnic, and language differences are broken down. The visual shows groups who are normally discriminated against and without the necessary resources to survive are in fact the majority. I hope when learners interact with this material they grow to understand and respect each other.

  • Xinxin Liu
    4 months ago

    I love this video and it’s a great resource to use in the classroom. I like how they used statistics to present issues existing. And it is a great resource to teach students how to read data and how to relate to social issues, especially for k-12 students, in maths or social studies courses.

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