Materials Evaluation & Adaptation: Immigration and Indigenous Peoples

Hi everyone,

Here is my final Materials Evaluation & Adaptation project. . Please feel free to use this in your classrooms. I have made quite a few changes.

This lesson was inspired by a chapter in National Geographic Learning’s unit about “The First Americans”.  The lesson is meant to foster conversation and awareness of the struggles indigenous people are still faced with today as well as explore a multitude of perspectives. The lesson lasts about 3 hours or more depending on student engagement.

Here are the language and social justice objectives: 

Language Objectives:

  • SW use the simple past to describe & present about significant changes/events in history and present day.
  • Students will use comparatives and superlatives with the language surrounding colonization to discuss historical and present-day events.

Social Justice Objectives:

  • SW compare and contrast events of historic indigenous cultures with those of modern-day indigenous cultures.
  • SW compare and contrast perspectives and discuss whose voice is being amplified and whose silenced in each of the readings through interpretation questions
  • SW discuss the historical impact of colonization as it relates to them, their culture, or their country in English.

Meaningful and Provocative Conversations:

  • This lesson is intended to spark conversation around the essential questions of:
    • What does it mean to be “indigenous” today? What does it mean to be “illegal?” What constitutes illegal?
    • How do historical events shape perspectives and how we report on the news?
    • How do borders and property of territory/resource affect us?
    • How is colonization still happening today?
  • The texts and videos are adapted authentic texts which present more in-depth realities of indigenous people mentioned in NGL’s unit

I really enjoyed doing this project. I feel equipped to evaluate future textbooks I encounter with an even more critical eyes. I hope to continue to ask the same questions we had to answer for this assignment in the future.  Good luck on yours, everyone! You got this!


Kathryn DePietro

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