Race, Sex, and Gender in the Chinese Language Classroom

This article summarizes the takeaways from a presentation at the 2019 National Chinese Language Conference on how to teach race, sex, and gender in Chinese classes in the United States. Some of the topics discussed are specific to Chinese, while some others can be applied in classes of other languages.

One thing I am specifically interested in is the stereotypical implications in Chinese characters, such as the characters for “jealous” “mother” “sister” “adultery” all bears a female radical. I wonder if other languages also have such kinds of implications in their word-building rules and if these will be explicitly explained to the students, as most Chinese teachers will do.

keyue Song

One Response to “Race, Sex, and Gender in the Chinese Language Classroom

  • Miranda Doremus- Reznor
    6 months ago

    Hi Keyue, wow! I never knew this about these characters in Chinese. I really appreciate in the resource it mentions that even being intentional with the words and images shown to students can make a big difference with students even if you never explicitly draw attention to it. Thanks for sharing this resource! I think there are many applicable points for all language teachers.

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