How Policewomen Make Communities Safer

It’s a pretty short video, which could be great for a language classroom depending on students’ level. Ivonne Roman, a seasoned police officer in New Jersey, gives some startling (though unsurprising) statistics on how far behind the U.S. is compared to other countries such as the UK, Australia, and New Zealand in terms of gender equality in the police. She also briefly shares a variety of ways that policewomen make communities safer.

I think this video could easily connect to a discussion on police brutality as well as Black Lives Matter.

Miranda Doremus- Reznor

One Response to “How Policewomen Make Communities Safer

  • Mia Dunfey
    4 months ago

    I agree that this could easily connect to BLM and also to the defund the police movement. I feel like many of the benefits Ivonne Roman mentions are the pillars of that movement. If using this in the classroom, I think you could also discuss the gendered perception of jobs and how we’re socialized as children with toys and then with media which perpetuates these stereotypes.

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