Teaching Students about Food Deserts

Food security is a huge social class issue as well as an environmental justice issue. In the past, I’ve done a lesson on food deserts with high school students in France that went pretty well. We started with a Kahoot about their eating habits and where/when they went shopping for food, and from their I had students watch this video explaining what a food desert is. Then we talked about ways of combatting food deserts and I showed them a video about the Gangster Gardener (who you might recognize from some TED talks he’s given).

The Food Empowerment Project is also a great resource for talking about food security and food deserts. They have some great resources to share with students.

Miranda Doremus- Reznor

2 Responses to “Teaching Students about Food Deserts

  • Maya Sykes
    5 months ago

    Miranda, thank you for sharing these resources. Do you have any other suggestions about introducing the topic to young learners or any changes you would do reflecting on your previous experience?

  • keyue Song
    5 months ago

    Thank you for sharing the resources. I like the video about Gardener Gangsters and I think for students of advanced levels, we can also encourage students to write proposals to the city council about the benefits and profits of gardening, and can even have a model council debate on this topic.

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