Easter Island Mystery from Khan Academy

Easter Island Mystery from Khan Academy

The purpose of this activity as stated by Khan Academy:
“Good critical thinkers need to be able to look at things from multiple perspectives. In this activity, you’ll look at a single event—the collapse of the population on an island—from different points of view. You should know right off the bat that the true reason for the collapse remains a total mystery! That said, historians and scientists have lots of hypotheses about why this island’s population fell so drastically. You’re going to try to make sense of what happened there, and you’ll do this using multiple perspectives, or as some may say, an interdisciplinary approach.”

I think this would be an excellent activity for Intermediate students. I would be interested in translating it into French for a class of French 3 / AP students. And as one person commented on the Khan Academy page, “Certainly, this microcosm can reflect the human population on Earth; despite the recent discovery of a habitable planet, we are as isolated in the Universe as Easter Island was in the Pacific Ocean, and we may find ourselves with vastly reduced lives, adjusting to an ecologically impoverished landscape of our own making.” .

Rebecca Jot

2 Responses to “Easter Island Mystery from Khan Academy

  • Mia Dunfey
    4 months ago

    Thanks for sharing, Rebecca! I would love to utilize this in the classroom. Something else that could be fun after this activity is for students to imagine they’re archeologists in the future looking at our every-day objects of today. What would someone think a fidget spinner or hula hoop’s purpose was if there was no surrounding context. It could get students to think creatively of the objects around them.

  • Rebecca Jot
    4 months ago

    Great idea, Mia! I remember coming across an article that talked about what sort of crazy conclusions future archaeologists could draw from the artifacts of our era. It could be fun to have students try to be as wild as possible with their predictions.

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